Anas Tawfiq

Dr. Anas TawfiqB.D.S - (11009604)
  • Qualifications
    • D.U.O.D.F. Orthodontics Aix-Marseille 2 University,Marseille, France
    • C.E.S. Orthodontics | Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
    • D.E.S. Dental Laser Therapy in Dentistry | ULB, Belgium
    • B.D.S. Dentistry, Baghdad University, Iraq
    • Graduated from Baghdad, Iraq in 1998. Ranked 10th over 285 in Class 1998
  • Certifications
    • Trained in St. Pierre Hospital in Brussels, Belgium 1999-2001
    • Trained in LA TIMONE Hospital - Marseille, France 2001-2004
    • Certified with Invisalign 2011, the American clear Orthodontic treatment
  • Participated
    • Global Perspectives in Dentistry (UAE)
    • Advancing Excellence in Dental Care (UAE)
    • Participated in many internatinal conferences and congresses around the world
    • Specialised in Orthodontics since 2004

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