Dr. Haider Al-Fayyad, what do you know about him?

Dr. Haider Al-Fayyad, what do you know about him?
05 Apr 2021

Dr. Haider Al-Fayyad, what do you know about him?

Advanced training in Prosthodontics from the College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad; He specialized in Dental Implantology from Freiberg, Germany and Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry from San Rafael University, Milan, Italy.

Dr. Haider Al-Fayyad also has more than 3 decades of experience in the field of general and advanced healthcare of dentistry. In addition to specialized dental treatments, such as implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

Additionally, he has successfully performed various procedures such as Zircon Implants, Bridges and Crowns. Emax Veneers, Laser Gum Correction followed by Emax Venner.  on thousands of patients who restore their smile and confidence.

Dr. Haider Al-Fayyad leads the team of doctors at the Natural Beauty Care Dental Center and the Mina Dental Center, which is a leading advanced center in dentistry in Bahrain.

Among his patients are many famous people such as TV presenter Fatima Zaman, radio and television presenter. Fay El Sharkawy, blogger Ali Allam, and actress Reham Arhama.

Dr. Haider Al-Fayyad received a certificate of appreciation for participating and giving a lecture on “Advanced Dental Implantation” at the first scientific meeting of the Middle East and Africa in Dubai.

We offer a wide range of dental services, including preventive, cosmetic, restorative and reconstructive dentistry. We pride ourselves on our patient-centered practice.

In Natural Beauty Clinic do everything possible to make dental visits pleasant and positive experiences for our patients.

And  continually strive to earn the loyalty of our patients, and expect that we will see second and even third generations.

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