26 Jan 2020



crowns are essentially a tooth-shaped cover for your actual tooth. It covers up your actual tooth in order to change its size, shape, or general appearance. These crowns are cemented in their place so they completely cover up the visible parts of the teeth over the gum line. They also protect the teeth from damage or decay. These are preferable to other solutions like dental fillings and veneers because they are extremely strong and can last a lifetime.

Dental crowns serve a number of purposes. The following are some of the primary reasons you may need dental crowns:

  • crowns Protecting weak or decaying teeth from damage, fractures, or cracks.
  • Restore the aesthetic appearance of a broken or fractured tooth.
  • Restore the original shape of a decaying tooth that’s worn down.
  • Cover up a tooth in order to level it against all the surrounding teeth.
  • Maintain a dental bridge in place.
  • Cover up crooked or stained teeth.
  • Cover up dental implants.
  • Make any other cosmetic modifications necessary to improve the general aesthetic appeal.
  • In children, dental crowns can also help protect the child’s teeth from decay, especially when they aren’t diligent with oral hygiene.

crowns can be the best option for some of the cases.

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